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Organic Garlands: Simple, Classic, Enhanced

An organic garland contains a number of balloons of different sizes and colors, artfully blended together to create stunning backdrops, festive additions, and classy photo ops.

The pictures below show work we've done in the past and give an idea of what we can do for you in the future!


Simple garlands ($10-$13/linear foot) typically contain 1-4 colors in a range of medium sizes. They are a cost-friendly way to add an impressive touch!


Classic garlands ($13-$18/linear foot) incorporate both medium and large balloon sizes. Most displays we make fall in this range.

Enhanced garlands ($15-$22/linear foot) take balloon displays to the next level. With more colors, more sizes, and perhaps even special balloons like shiny chrome, tie-die agates, confetti filled or double-stuffed (for the perfect shade) an enhanced garland won't soon be forgotten.

Note that these prices do not include the cost of add-ons (Flowers, plants, plumage, etc.)

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